Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite tv show?
The Voice. I didn't think I would like it, but it's actually pretty good.  American Idol was disappointing this year so I guess The Voice took over for me.

2. What's the worst haircut you ever got?
I asked for layers and the crazy lady did some sort of razor cut using a straight razor to make the layers and my hair stood straight up, no matter what I did. I cried for like two hours. I think I was 18 at the time.  My mom tried to help me and nothing we did could get it to lay down flat. I work a hat for 6 weeks.

3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?
I don't know. I always thought I was the nerd of the group.  *sigh* Let's not get into my self-esteem issues.  

4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?
Go to the library! It's cool inside there, they have story time, and you can get videos, books, and even video games for free! 

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?
Do I have my kids with me? Because they might not survive the drive.  If it's just be and my love, then I'd say drive. I actually like to drive. Road trips are fun.

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Mrs. Pickle said...

You should not have self esteem issues. You are very pretty and funny.


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