Friday, November 23, 2007

Anybody want some pie?

I need to get rid of the pies. Pumpking and apple. Before I eat them. I did good yesterday. I ignored their calls, but today. Today is a different story. They're ignoring me and I just can't have that. I want to cover them in whipped cream and stuff them down my throat. Is pumpkin pie considered a vegetable? Can we claim apple pie as healthy because it contains fruit? I think we can. Whipped cream is dairy and dairy is good for you too!!

It was pretty quiet here yesterday. We watched the parade and cooked tons of food. We ate our own dinner then went and bugged the relatives. The kids just couldn't seem to settle down. Christmas is coming!!! They must get if from the stores. Thanksgiving wasn't even over yet and already, get the christmas decorations out. It's not even December. I refuse to decorate for christmas until December. It just doesn't seem right. It's not about going from one holiday to the next. What about all the life in between?????

So a pretty uneventful Thanksgiving. The turkey was the best I've made so far. Yummmyyyyyyy. Very quiet and relaxing. It was nice to spend time with just the four of us and enjoy each other. Until the kids started asking about all the stuff they wanted for Christmas and I sent them to play outside.

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