Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Smells like wet dog

Any tips on getting a 7 year old boy to shower properly? It's not like putting cheerios in the toilet to help their aim. We send him in to take a shower and he comes out smelling like wet dog, swearing that he used shampoo. Other than standing there like a shower nazi, how do I get him clean?

Another day in the mad house. It wasn't so bad today. H and I escaped to the library so I could have reading material whilst I hang around at the IRS orientation. I don't really know how much I can get away with saying, except I got a job at the IRS. I feel like I'm going to work for the dark side. I like the dark side. I'm comfortable there. Dinner was ready by the time we picked up the kids from visiting their cousin and after that it was showers and bedtime. Woohoo!! I love bedtime.

Finally all the water weight is gone. Thank goodness for Pamprin. Oh how I love thee. It really sucks to work hard and lose weight and then Aunt Flo comes to visit and suddenly your jeans don't fit. But now, due to much water drinking and some good drugs I feel like a human again. Now if I could just get that bitch to pack her bags and leave, life would be so much better.

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Momma TaderDoodle said...

First congrats on the job! Your brave, I wouldn't even dare apply for a job at the IRS... it scares me.

Second, does your son like to do "man things", maybe getting him some manly soap... or maybe the opposite... get him some soapy body paint... and tell him he can't get out until he's all "whatevercolor".


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