Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's becoming a theme!

Still sick. Still tired. But I am starting to feel better. Thank goodness. As I've previously stated, I hate being sick. The drain on my energy just drives me insane. I'm used to walking in the morning's and coming home pumped up and ready to clean or something. For the past week I've stumbled through the door and collapsed on the couch. I did manage to clean the bathroom though. So it ain't all bad.

My daughter just requested that I call her Gretel. Last week she was Victoria. Then Cecelia. Apparently her name is boring. What will life be like when she's a teenager?

We built a gingerbread house tonight after dinner. I just love how you buy the kit and that there's no possible way you can get it to look like the picture with the stuff they give you in the kit. (How's that for a run on sentence?) I should have just cut open the icing bags and put the icing in my own bags and used my decorating tips, but I'm still feeling lazy. It was a lot more fun this year than in the past. Now that the kids are old enough to do most of it themselves. I was able to enjoy it more. Not once did my perfectionism rear it's ugly head. It used to. A lot. I was like some horrible icing and candy dictator. I could have been a Candyland villian. I could drown little gingerbread men in icing and horrible candies that no one really likes any way. Which is probably why they get used to build the gingerbread houses. There wasn't one damn piece of chocolate in that whole kit. I want my money back.

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