Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it Wednesday yet?

My parents are taking the boys camping for Thanksgiving. So it will be a semi-short week with them. They're leaving Wednesday for the desert. Hopefully we will have a nice quiet Thanksgiving. We're getting our turkey on Monday and I'm finishing up my menu today. We'll have all the usual stuff, plus I'm going to try and find some recipes for some healthier alternatives for myself. I don't want to get too crazy and if I can make some healthier dishes, then I know I'll enjoy it even more because I'll know that I'm not doing something I shouldn't. Most likely we'll have to make a trip to see the in-laws. Hopefully it will be brief. The insanity knows no bounds over there. The last three years they've drawn names for Christmas gifts. Last year we all managed to get somebody in our family. As in just the four of us. They drew names, we weren't there, and managed to get a name of someone we already live with. Now, if that happened and I was in charge of the drawing then I would put the names back and re-draw. Wouldn't you? It stands to reason that if you live with someone, you'll probably be getting them a gift. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

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