Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pain, lots and lots of pain

If you've never had an endometrial biopsy, I highly suggest that you don't. It hurts. A lot. Not for long, but 30 seconds is long enough right. I'm glad I only have to do it once. Yikes.

I had no idea you could win prizes for successfully finishing NaBloPoMo. That's just nifty. I like prizes.

Have you ever had a ton of stuff to do and no desire to do anything what so ever? I need to put the laundry I did like four days ago away, wash and dry some more, post something, and put my kids to bed. What I really want to do is just sit on my butt and hold the couch down. I don't even want to know what it's going to be like once I start working. Crap! I need to start practicing my ten-key skills. Sounds like fun huh?

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. The boys will be going home in the evening and there will be some quiet. The week went by really fast. I'm stunned. Only one broken bed and no major injuries. It was a good week. The kiddos have Monday off from school for Veteran's day. So we'll be sleeping in, in honor of all veteran's. H included. He's a veteran, and he'll be sleeping in. What a multitasker!

Brace yourselves, three more weeks to go!

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