Monday, November 05, 2007

Why do we need to know?

I'm listening to the news. They're reporting on the scandal at Oprah's school. In the report is a full detail of what the matron accused of the abuse was wearing. Why do we need to know what she was wearing? How does that have any bearing on whether or not she abused those girls? Heck, I don't even want to know if she plead guilty or not. I just want to know the end result. She was accused and found guilty or whatever. It's not like she was wearing a Dolce & Gabana gown. It's not the red carpet. It's court.

I went to the gyno for Aunt Flo today. I was told to be there at 10:30am. I actually saw the doctor at 1:30pm. Yeah. That's a whole lot of waiting. A LOT. OF. WAITING. Anywho, it looks like surgery is pretty much the only option. I could take medications, but it's only a 48% chance that they would actually do what I need them to do. Thank goodness I'm done having kids. Still kind of bums me out, but it's not like I really wanted to have more kids. Don't get me wrong, I do, but I really can't afford any more. Money wise, or physically.

I've received a job offer from the IRS. I'm interested in seeing what it feels like on the other side. I think I still actually owe them money. Oh well.

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