Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guess where I'm at!

My brother called me this morning. From Vegas. My first question wasn't "why are you there?" But,"you didn't get married did you?" Not that I don't like his girlfriend, but it would have been pretty sudden. Not to mention given my parents a heartattack. Nope, they just up and decided to go to Vegas. Bored on a Friday night? Go to Vegas. Of course this only works if you work for an airline and can fly for free. At least it helps any way. Beats a night of beer and ping pong I suppose. Not only was this his first trip to Vegas, but it was also his first commercial flight. I would have paid just to witness that. He had to consume several alcoholic beverages just to be able to get on the plane. What a sissy.

I actually slept in this morning until just after 7am. During the week I get up at 5:30am. I like having time to have a cup or two of coffee and eat breakfast before I have to start my drill sargeant routine. I really should get myself a whistle. I wonder if it would help. Sticking my head in the door and yelling that it's time to get up doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Or perhaps a bullhorn? Something with a really loud and annoying siren. I went for my walk like a good girl. I enjoy getting out by myself and listening to my music. I love, love, love my iPod. I put off getting one for so long. Now that I finally caved and got a Shuffle, I want to upgrade. I thought there was no possible way that I would want more than 240 songs at a time. Oh how wrong I was. The more I use it, the more music I want on it. I'm addicted to iTunes. Send gift cards.

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southernmom said...

I have a shuffle, the cute little pink one. Yep, I resisted for sooo long and now *sigh* I'm an addict. I'll take all leftover or unwanted credits. ;-)

What a phone call. Must be nice to just jaunt off whenever and wherever :-)


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