Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Sunday right?

Darn three day weekends. Throwin' off my schedule. I'm glad the kids don't have school, cause I like to sleep past 5:30 am. But it's raining and there isn't much to do inside. They are driving me insane. Billions of books, toys, puzzles, video games, and movies and they're bored. Bored! They wanted something to do. I suggested cleaning their room and they got irritated with me. Can you imagine?!

My daughter is pretty good at entertaining herself. My son on the other hand seems to need someone in constant attendance. If he doesn't have company then it's just not fun. I struggle with it because I'm such a loner. I enjoy being by myself. I could spend days sitting, reading, and listening to music. I have no problem at all entertaining myself and don't understand the need to have someone with me ALL THE TIME. It's not that I don't love doing things with him, because I do. But I enjoy my space as well. We seem to be running into a road block of finding friends for him to play with. I guess people here don't do playdates or whatever you want to call them.

He has a cousin that he plays with, but he spends two weekends a month with his other grandparents. The disappointment is tough to deal with when he finds out he can't go somewhere. That's another thing. He always wants to GO somewhere. Somewhere's usually cost money. Like toy stores or places with golden arches. That's his concept of going somewhere. He and Katie will play well together most of the time. But he likes to play army and she likes to play Barbie. So the harmony doesn't usally last for long. I love the rain, but I hate what it does to the backyard.

BTW, fellow jelly bean lovers. I found these today. SWEET!!!!

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