Friday, November 09, 2007

Yeah babeeeeeee!

The plateau is over. Thank goodness. I was gonna be one pissed off lady if I didn't at least lose a pound. All that excercise (walking five miles a day and yoga), and being soooo good and eating right. It's hard work. It gets easier the longer I do it, but I would still for a bacon cheeseburger. They need to have Jelly Belly's flavored like that. Bacon cheeseburgers, Cherry cheesecake, pound cake, and dark chocolater. I think I need to write them a letter.

The boys will be going home soon. My middle nephew is sick. He started pre-school this year and it seems like he's getting every virus and cold possible.

Time to go make dinner. It's hard to think straight with all this noise going on.

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